Vacca Associates Family Checks 'n Balances
          Sometimes Life is a Balancing Act....and Providing Balance is Our Business


Vacca Associates Family Checks 'n Balances caters to your individual needs, offering an array of time-saving, peace-of-mind support and management services, including:  

  • Comprehensive assessment of your home and property to determine accessibility and safety for both short- and long-term needs 
  • Coordination of timely bill paying and  balancing financial accounts 
  • Handling personal and business tasks while you are not able to do so (i.e. traveling, illness, surgery)   
  • Soliciting quotes for various services 
  • Coordination with other professionals serving you and your family or loved one  
  • Being an advocate with service providers
  • Elder care support and assistance
  • Managing and navigating through paperwork such as Medicare and Medi-Cal claims
  • Research on care options
  • Home and facility visits
  • Arrangements for respite care
  • Referrals to other services and programs
  • Companionship and emotional support and reassurance 
  • Overall planning for both short- and long-term needs

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